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Sorry if you took offense to our input - I assure you we're merely trying to provide the benefit of our collective experience using FHM as a forage item to temper your expectations.

No offense taken and thank you for your input. Notice the smiley faces at the end of my post. Just having some fun and I assure you there was no sleep lost.

I know most people don't give a second thought about a lowly FHM. I for some reason took a shine to them. I may make a small forage pond to raise some, not that my fishery needs them, but just for the heck of it. Kind of like some people like to raise Koi, guess I just like FHM.

What I am thinking of trying, is a forage pond with FHM as the main goal, but put in about ten adult RES just to keep the FHM from getting lazy and maybe produce some additional RES stock. I know the RES will eat the FHM and that is fine, but if I do not put too many RES and let the FHM get a head start, there should be plenty of both. At least that is what I am thinking about trying. Why? Who knows. Don't really like Koi I guess.

Hobbies don't always need to have a reason.

If anyone has input on a FHM-RES .2 acre forage pond stocking ratios or other advice, I'm all ears.

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