First let me start by saying thank you for the welcome mat.

Secondly, I'm a bit of a Macgyver and on a very tight budget so I stole a process from my protien skimmer on the old saltwater aquarium.

I decided to test my theory. I have the 2hp water pump recirculating water from the homemade skimmer to the discharge pvc that is mounted about 6" above water level and in turn aggitates and surface aerates as it returns to the pond.

#1 - I placed the garden hose in the skimmer box and kicked it on to add cooler water at the source of mixing

#2 - I drilled a hole on a slant in a piece of pvc and ran 2' of clear tubing down the pipe with about 6" outside of the sidewall in the pvc, as the discharge water rushes past the tubing it draws air from the opposite end and in turn saturates the discharge water from the pump with aerated water. I angled the pvc under water about 3' off the dock and the water/air mix is pushing out visably around 12-16' from the docks edge 3' underwater.

My question now is ... does this benefit me anymore than the original surface aggitation and would there be added benefit to running the pvc even further down the dropoff below the existing thermocline.

My intent is to simply aerate the cooler water enough to support the trout and walleye and keep them cool and happy through the summer.

Thoughts and experience are very welcome.

1/2 acre 14' Deep. LMB, WE, YP, HBG, BG, Rainbows.