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I recently stumbled across these Wr charts from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. I thought were pretty handy.

Weight-Length Chart 1 of 3 - BG, PS, CP, BC, WC, RBS, YP, & WE

Weight-Length Chart 2 of 3 - Muskie, NP, Am. Shad, BrnT, RBT, & BrkT

Weight-Length Chart 3 of 3 - LMB, SMB, SB, CC, & BrnBH

Note from BillCody: Here is a link to some handy nice Excel calculators for relative weights for LMB, SMB, HSB, WE(walleye), BG, BCP (blk crappie), YP (yellow perch). Plus standard weights for LMB, SMB, HSB, BG, Crappie, and CC.

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