I saw something similar if you google "duckweed dave" and you'll get an explanation of a similar rope--he said to use sinking rope with the pool noodles to keep it just under the surface. I have a bunch of old jute rope I'm going to try. The premise is to get either the tie straps or in DD's case, the rope that is slightly under the surface of the water to catch the roots of the duckweed and bunch it up to haul it in.

I've also often thought if I used complete pool noodles on a rope to section off an area I cleaned, I could keep duckweed out of one end and that is something I'd like to try. Or would the duckweed get under the pool noodles?

I went to Dollar Tree for 10 noodles for $10 and have 40 feet of these things--worth a shot. I'll post pictures.

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