Pond Renovation

Not sure how well these will show up but here are some overhead pics of my pond renovation. It was originally about 2 acres and should finish out close to 4. The structure is Stumps, Stacked Logs, Brush Piles in holes dug, Ditches and busted up Concrete, You can also see where I will add a sand beach where the erosion mat is now. Since these pics were taken I now have a good stand of rye grass on all the bare ground and will over seed with Bermuda. I had 20 tons of Ag Lime delivered and spread 2 tons per acre where I wanted grass and the rest "about 12 tons on the pond bottom. Its still pretty muddy but hoping after filled it will clear up. There is about a 1/2 acre area that still held water appx 5 feet deep, after backing the spreader up to the water edge and slinging several tons into it the PH is around 8. Was hoping that would clear it up some but didn't see much change. Did the jar test and didn't really have anything settle out but just kind of tea colored.