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Joined: May 2004
Posts: 13,778
Likes: 220
OP Online Confused
Joined: May 2004
Posts: 13,778
Likes: 220
First a tip on making the PBForum easier to use. You can mark a special thread by putting it on your "watch list". Then just make this your permanent thread to add all your progressive new information.

If you do not have it on your watch list and it goes for a week or two without adding anything it becomes very hard to "find" your old thread to add new things.

Under "my stuff" you can also find your old posts, but if you become very active on other threads this list can get long also. The watch list is the easiest for me to keep track of threads I am interested in, both my own threads and those of others.

AG = Alligator Gar
BC = blue catfish
BCP = black crappie
BG = bluegill
BGPS = BG X PS cross
BH = bullhead
BHM = bullhead minnow
BkBH = black bullhead
BnBH = brown bullhead
BKF = banded killifish aka Bull minnows
BNCP = blacknose crappie
BNM = bluntnose minnow
BRNT = brown trout
BRKT = brook trout
CBFB = Camelot Bell Florida Bass also CBLMB
CBLMB = Camelot Bell largemouth bass
CC = channel catfish
CCS = creek chubsuckers
CGC = common (German) carp
CMM = central mudminnow
CNBG = copper nose bluegill
CP = chain pickerel
CPUE = catch per unit effort; often used is # caught per hour
CSBG = Condello strain bluegill
CTT = Cutthroat Trout
DGC = diploid grass carp (capable of reproducing)
DSF = dollar sunfish very similar to LES.
FHM = fathead minnow
FHC = flathead catfish
F1 = (filial #1) first generation of offspring, usually of hybrids
Fn = Nth generation of the above
FG = Florida Gar
FTLMB Feed trained largemouth bass
GAR = Gar, non-specified species
GC = grass carp
GF = Gold fish
GG = Georgia giant sunfish
GP = grass pickerel
GSD = gizzard shad
GSF = green sunfish
GSH = golden shiner
HAB = not a fish but form of algae see below in Plant Acronyms
HBG = hybrid bluegill
HBC = Hybrid Blue Catfish
HCP = hybrid crappie also used HBCP
HSB = hybrid striped bass
LCS = lake chubsucker with is different species than a creek chubsucker (CCS)
LES = longear sunfish
LG = Longnose Gar
LMB = largemouth bass; see above FTLMB feed trained LM
MMB = meanmouth bass (LMBxSMB)
Mosquito fish = MF aka Gambusia
NP = northern pike
OSS = orangespotted sunfish
PF = paddlefish
PS = pumpkinseed sunfish
RBS = redbreast sunfish
RBT = rainbow trout
RKB = rock bass
RES = redear sunfish
RR = rosy red strain of fathead minnow
RRFHM = rosy red fathead minnow aka RR
RW = relative weight (see Wr) = 100 X (fish wt/standard wt)
SAE = Saugeye
SB = striped bass
SBS = specklebelly sunfish is a hybrid of BGXRES produced exclusively by Malone's Fish Hatchery. It is said to commonly grow larger than HBG BGXGSF.
SF = Sunfish
SMB = smallmouth bass
SFS = spotfin shiner
SPB = spotted bass
SG = Spotted Gar
SSS = sometimes used for SBS southern specklebelly sunfish.
SW = standard weight (also Ws) usually from standard wt table for each species
TAF-CNBG = Texas/Arkansas/Florida CNBG, a george specialty
TGC = triploid grass carp (sterile)
TGG = Georgia Giant that's "Gone to Texas"
TFS = threadfin shad
TM = Tiger Muskie
TP = Tilapia Note - Some have used TP as Tadpole
TT = tiger trout
WB = white bass
WCP = white crappie
WE = walleye also know as WAE
WM = warmouth (sunfish)
WP = white perch
Wr = Relative Weight (see RW) = 100 X (fish's wt/fish's standard wt)
Ws = Standard Weight (also here SW) is determined by calculating an average weight from many measurements from numerous water bodies.
YBH = yellow bullhead
YOY = young of year
YP = yellow perch

APW = American pond weed aka long leaf pondweed.
CEG = corkscrew eel grass
CPW = curlyleaf pond weed or CLPW
CT = coontail
DW = duckweed
EG = eel grass
FA = filamentous algae (pond scum or moss)
HAB = Harmful Algae Bloom most often some form of bluegreen algae.
SAV = submerged aquatic vetetation
SEG = spiral eelgrass
WM = water meal

BE = Bald Eagle
GBH = great blue heron
GH = green heron
WT = water turkey (cormorant)

AST = alligator snapping turtle
CHRM = copperheaded rattlemoccasin (any snake)
PT = painted turtle
RST = red slider turtle
ST = snapping turtle

BSF = black soldier fly
CR = cricket
CW = catalpa worm
EW = earthworm (non-specific)
GS = grass shrimp aks PK shrimp aks Mississippi grass shrimp Palaemonetes kadiakensis Aka ghost shrimp, glass shrimp. Very similar is P. paludosus.
MW = mealworm
NC = nightcrawler
NCF = Northern crayfish
PSC = papershell crayfish
RC = Rusty crayfish
RW = redworm
RWTCOW = red wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms
TC = tent caterpiller
WW = waxworm

ACRONYM = A Common Repository of Names You Makeup (i.e. this list)
APB = After Pond Boss
BFIP = Big Fish in the Pond
BISA = Brothers in Smallmouth Association
BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BOW = body of water
BPB = Before Pond Boss
BTW = by the way
CCC = coontail contamination catastrophe
CW = conventional wisdom
DLYHKHMTPC = don't let your husband know how much the pond cost
DLYWKHMTPC = don't let your wife know how much the pond cost
DO = Dissolved Oxygen
FME = from my experience
FOE = Fraternal Order of Eagles (traditional)
FOE = Friggin' Otters are Evil (Condello)
FPPT = Fish Photo Presentation Technique
FWIW = for what it's worth
GSA = (1)Green Sunfish Association - just don't mess with them.
GSA = (2)Group of Simple-minded Accountants - just don't mess with them.
HAB = harmful algae bloom often nuisance bluegreen algae but not always.
HOF = Hall of Fame - PBoss donors
IIRC = if I recall/read/remember correctly
IME = in my experience
IMO = in my opinion
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IOW = in other words
JAIWAK = just an idiot with a keyboard
LL2 = Lusk Lodge 2, Bob Lusk's stately manor
LMAO = laughing really hard, to the point of losing weight
LOL = laughing out loud
LOL = (wrt feed or butter) Land'O'Lakes
LOL = (at the end of a sentence) I think you're too stupid to know I just made a joke
LSHIFIMP = laughing so hard I fell in my pond
O2 = Oxygen
OTOH = on the other hand
PBR = Po' Boy RAS, a small scale semi-recirculating aquaculture system
PLUP = personal liability umbrella (insurance) policy
PM = private message
RAS = recirculating aquaculture system
ROR = raughing out roud
ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing really hard
RU = round-up herbicide
SJRMMDI = San Juan Ron made me do it
SMH = Shaking My head
SSS = shoot, shovel, and shut up
SWAG = semi-wild guess (alternatively, scientific wild guess)
TIA = thanks in advance
TSS = total suspended solids
TTT = to the top (bump)
WAG = wild guess
WRT = with respect to or with regard to
WWBCD = what would Bill Cody do
YMMV = your mileage may vary
YPTTPP = Your Path to the Perfect Pond

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

New acronyms or clarifications for existing ones may be submitted here (for pond related acronyms) or here (for general acronyms) , or PM me.


Last edited by Bill Cody; 09/20/23 08:10 PM. Reason: added warmouth = WM and MF
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Joined: May 2004
Posts: 13,778
Likes: 220
OP Online Confused
Joined: May 2004
Posts: 13,778
Likes: 220
Live Bait (Bugs & Worms) Section added above. PM any suggestions.

"Live like you'll die tomorrow, but manage your grass like you'll live forever."
-S. M. Stirling
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Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 21,384
Likes: 246
Hall of Fame 2014
Hall of Fame 2014
Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 21,384
Likes: 246
BGPS = BG X PS. The BG is the most commonly used acronym here, so the easily recognized BG as the first part quickly indicates to someone it is a combination between with a Bluegill and a PS. PS is our standard acronym for Pumpkinseed Sunfish.

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