Hi everyone
I recently rehab, an old pond Last summer And now I’m starting to see some growth and I wondered what these items were and which ones I want to thrive in my pond and which ones I want to control. The pond has trout in it and is spring fed and stays below 70° all year. I have attached images and would love help identifying and any advice about what to do with them. Thanks!

Attached Images
87B140FB-1776-4D8F-A552-11BF199626BF_4_5005_c.jpeg 89F1906F-4FFB-43E5-9EA4-F9C6AD4DB1BC_4_5005_c.jpeg B56097CA-131A-4F57-B3A6-458E44540446_4_5005_c.jpeg A81B9939-3C08-4906-A651-381F7DEC2EAE_4_5005_c.jpeg A41C527D-BF39-4EA9-938C-687776A90483_4_5005_c.jpeg 2189D6CD-6741-4520-BB2A-7AEC6B9163A9_1_201_a.jpeg 12DDA794-0CE4-4AA7-959D-459A206E5A19_4_5005_c.jpeg 9E7232A2-C549-4E5F-8213-75AFAB8EA4A8_4_5005_c.jpeg AB6A9F77-9CF9-43E3-B409-5FCA0701C0B0_4_5005_c.jpeg A359EE8C-F8BD-4D13-BE55-DCABAE18FA83_1_201_a.jpeg
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