Anyone in here mess with Aquaponics? We have a small raised garden now that's about 4'x16'. I was thinking it'd be pretty easy to make this water tight and replace the dirt with the gravel used for aquaponics. Then I could put a 1-200 gallon plastic tank at the end of it. Put maybe 25 blue gill in it with a small auto feeder. Then just use a cheap fountain pump and some pex to run the water from the fish tank at the end, to the far end of the garden to push water through it to filter the water, feed the plants, and aerate the water. Figured this would serve as a big boost for the garden and serve as a way to grow out some BIG bluegill to go back into the normal pond.

Thoughts? I have well water at the house, so I could use it for makeup water. Maybe run it through the garden before going into the "pond"?