We have cloudy water that takes months to clear on its own but clears quickly with Alum, at least in our jar tests. The challenge is that it looks like we might need 1000+ pounds of Alum to treat the whole 32 acre foot pond.

We don’t have an easy way to get a big enough boat to the pond for that volume of Alum. I’m wondering if instead we might be able to slowly add the Alum slurry to our 2000 gpm stream that circulates the pond from one end to the other.

I guess it depends on how exactly Alum works. Does it dissolve and stay dissolved, such that we could use the stream to slowly mix in and distribute an Alum slurry throughout the pond? Or does it quickly precipitate out of the water and fall to the bottom, such that we need to spread it evenly over the entire surface (and more so the entire bottom) of the pond?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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