So its 1/4 acre, roughly square-ish the deep hole on one quarter goes to about 11 feet, the rest averages 5-6 feet till uou get right up close to the banks. My question is this, do I go with a single 1/4hp pump and drop the diffuser in the bottom of the hole, or go with a 1/2 hp pump and two diffusers, one in the hole and one somewhere in the middle. The thought with the 2nd diffuser on the bigger is I read somewhere that too large of a pump could create too much back pressure on the pump itself so I figured I'd give it a 2nd outlet under less psi to act as a bleeder basically. Please by all means, pick my logic apart, I need some air in this thing, I've got cattle so I've also got massive amounts of algae, and would like to be able to plant it. But first I gotta be able to get light to the plants on the bottom. Help please 🙏