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Esshup, so far the manufacturer's wants seems to be unlimited for one year. The company, EcoWorthy, is not a pond, aerator, or pump company. They are a Chinese manufacturer of solar panels and likely assemble and sell ancillary systems from 'off-the-shelf' components. But they do (have) stuck to their warranty as they already replaced the entire controller box assembly without hassle and I did speak to their representatives on the phone and through chat and email. They were actually surprisingly responsive. As I said before, they only suggested that the unit stay dry and be vented. I appreciate your suggestion for using a computer fan and I believe I may even have one in my junk parts collection that I could try. If so, would I want air blowing in or out? I suppose I could try it, take a reading with laser thermometer then flip around. Thanks again.

If you use it to suck air in, try to have the ambient air sucked in over the fan that is integral to the compressor and the computer fan blows out the hot air. Or the other way around, have the computer fan blow the ambient air on the compressor where the compressor fan is blowing air onto the compressor to cool it. Remember heat rises, so the air from inside the cabinet should be exiting near the top of the cabinet.


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