I’ve had my bobcat for about 8 years. I’ve only put about 250 hours on it. However, it looks like 1,000 hours. Life in the woods is rough on them.

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I recently purchased a Kioti/Bobcat and love the little bugger, but haven't used it a whole bunch other than dealing with my driveway. That's why I commented, I have one too. Really well-built machine for the money.

Interestingly, If I turned around and sold it today, I would make money as it is selling near $8K more than I spent on it 2.5 years ago.

8 yr old pond, 1 ac, 15' deep.
RES, YP, GS, FHM (no longer), HBG (going away), SMB, and HSB (didn’t make it. 0 seen in 5 yrs) Restocked HSB (2020) I think we have survivors!
I think that's about all I should put in my little pond.