I'm putting it out my outflow and some of it into the yard to settle out.

I really dont have any plants. Some algae on rocks/mud and few seaweed type plants but they'd all fit in a bucket or two.

I'm just taking it down to hard base where I'm working the intake. As of right now I've only been in the water moving the intake around. In the deeper spots I'll hang onto the hard hose, dive down and push it into the mud with my feet. I can feel the hose get sucked down to the bottom. Either move some muck around and let it get sucked in or move the intake. Not ideal yet and I've been thinking of how to build a pool cleaner type intake that would pull itself along. I'm thinking about building something that only has the intake on the front where it would pull itself into the muck while riding on the bottom. Or a square shaped PVC contraption with 1" holes drilled into the bottom only and make it maybe 2'x2', possibly bigger.

I dont have any pictures but not much to show at the moment with just hose and a pump. The outlet when pumping the muck is almost black so you can tell its not pulling much water with it.

I have not been in the deepest spot but probably 8' deep so my guess based on the muck depth at that point is that the pond was only about 13-15' deep when it was first built.

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