Hello all:

I've been working with polymers extensively the past 7 years and we're [myself, pond construction pros, pond/fishery management professionals, pond owners] approaching 500 completed projects - whew! I've especially enjoyed working on projects with my Pond Boss family - thank you for your continued support. On every project it seems we learn something new on how to determine the origins of leaks or how my polymer responds in different geological scenarios [gravel, sand, rock, springs, poorly compacted material, low plasticity clay, ground water ponds, etc.]. Thought it might be helpful to provide a brief summary on the science so far:

The polymers I use are effective treating leaks caused by all conditions with the exception of springs and water table ponds. Caveat: I've declined selling polymer to pond owners facing either of these scenarios due to my lack of confidence and experience. Some day I hope to experiment with a small BOW with these conditions present, until then, I don't recommend polymer treatment on these projects.

In 90% of projects we are reducing daily water loss rates by 50% or greater. I continue to be amazed with the efficacy and ease of application of the polymer on leaking ponds. Considering the cost of a polymer application vs. a traditional rehab project and the polymer provides a quick and effective solution to reducing and eliminating leaks. I'm grateful for the opportunity saving pond owners $10,000 - $100,000 on those invasive rehab projects.

In some cases rehab is recommended along with an abbreviated polymer application. Thankfully we have some of the best pond building professionals as members of the Pond Boss community willing to help assess the situation.

If anyone has leak issues, feel free to contact me. As a Pond Boss volunteer my time is always free to discuss leak issues or chat about any pond/fishery management related issues, and I enjoy the opportunity to extend my Pond Boss family one member at a time.

Again, thanks to Bob, Mike, and the entire Pond Boss forum family for your continued support these past several years. I look forward to continuing to educate folks on leak mitigation! grin


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