I will give you a very brief summary I am in a small subdivision in the St. Louis, Missouri area we have a very old pond that dates back as far as the 1930s maybe even older.

The last few years we have been getting abnormal amounts of algae and about 6-8 years ago a bad fish kill. In the last few months we put a small team of home owners together to better the pond.

Our pond is about 1.6 acres with a 9 foot max depth and an average depth of 6.78'. We netted fish from the banks and found only small blue gill 2.5"-5.75" so about 3 weeks ago we introduced some 10"-14" large mouth bass 47 of them and took out 75 small blue gill.

Today we are getting close to purchasing an aerator so I have many questions. We are looking at the Hiblow HP-120LL pump and two diffusers some of the owners think bigger is better should we buy up? Can someone please help me understand how to start up an aerator with the information above and after start up how should it be be run 365 days a year or less??

I have only been on this forum for about a month and have been trying to reseach this topic but I am now running out of time.