I have an existing 1/2 acre pond that only has cattails (which I assume ducks brought) in one corner of the pond. We are happy with them there but don't want them to spread.

I would love to add other vegetation to the water's edge and even submerged plants for habitat/sanctuary for minnows, daphnia, scuds, and crayfish. I think water irises (smaller varieties like blues and purples) are beautiful. The problem is I don't want to introduce something that will take over the pond or require routine and regular manual maintenance to upkeep.

Note, the pond is 1/2 acre with the deepest spot around 8-10 feet. two of the banks along the damn are steep dropping off to about 3-feet pretty quick whereas the more gradual bank away from the dam doesn't reach 3 feet until you're about 3 feet from shore. The pond is located in Pennsylvania and has bass, bluegill, yellow perch, channel cats, bullheads, and baitfish.

I'd love any recommendations for type of plants and if my wish to have vegetation without annual manual involvement is a pipe dream and not realistic.

Also, would smaller growing forms of Vallisneria be good or would they take over?

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