The 10" pvc drainage pipe and connected standpipe on our dam came loose at a pvc fitting and slipped downhill about 8-10 inches (see linked iCloud images). We opened the valve at the foot of the standpipe and waited for the lake to drain below the horizontal portion going through the dam. We are now ready to "scooch" it back up hill and reglue the joint. I have large galvanized clamps to attach to the pipe but am wondering how best to support the vertical portion against lateral forces. My plan was to attach a length of rebar at an angle to each side of a clamp (somehow) and then attach the bottom of the rebar to two poured concrete footings in the side of the dam.

Anybody see serious problems with this?

What is best way to add vent pipe to pre-existing 10 in pvc?

David Watkins

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