Our pond which is 26 acres has some issues. We have gizzard shad and common carp and buffalo carp, we are trying to keep them in check. Due to the gizzard shad and over population of catfish our bluegill numbers are just ok with no upper size class as biggest sampled was 7” and few in the 1-3” range. LMB population is relatively low with few in the under 8” size range but good size in upper size classes by length. Relative weights could be better. Crappie are doing well and catfish are all over. The company who shocked recommends to help control carp and shad with stocking walleye or hybrid striped bass in any combination of up to 10 per acre per year and possibly stocking some tiger musky 1-2 per acre. My personal thoughts are the HSB may be more useful than walleye for controlling the shad and small carp but would like to have an opinion from more experienced pond mnagers. Also I think 2 dozen tiger Muskie would also benefit as when they get bigger they can predate on the larger shad. Both the Muskie and HSB should help control crappie as well. He also recommended possibly stocking more small LMB due to low numbers of that size but have no quantity recommendation. Anyone have any thoughts on which fish would be most benefitial and in what quantities for that size of lake. Not much structure or vegetation on this Old sandpit as it’s surrounded by houses. Advice/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks