Hoping forum members can confirm what I'm interpreting to be correct.
Just got results back from two ponds (0.75-acre each) that I am looking to stock soon and wanted to get the baseline water chemistry.
pH of both are just slightly above neutral (7.5). Clarity not measured, but >24 inches.
Water quality data below along with what I researched as guidance concentrations.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Seems that I am right at the threshold on it being impractical to fertilize without liming it. Any harm in trying it now, and liming, fertilizing later if I don't get the bloom desired?
I wanted to stock one predominantly with CC, so it seems that the chloride levels are pretty low and may make the fish susceptible to brown blood (if nitrate levels go up from fertilization).
Given I'm in FL, I'd like to stock and fertilize as soon as I can before temps get too high.
Anyone see an issue with with fertilizing and stocking closely together in time?

Thanks for looking! Sf