Hi guys,
I just wanted to let everyone know who doesn’t already about a great YouTube channel called The Nature of Fishing. It’s mostly general fishing journals under different conditions and seasons, but he’s got 2 great hour long documentaries on largemouth bass spawning and development. The documentaries have some of the best underwater footage of bass I’ve ever seen. He’s also got some videos just breaking down conditions and circumstances like weather, wind, lighting, and structure and it’s effect on LMB behavior in particular. All his videos are shot in public ponds rather than large lakes, so his videos are seemingly more relevant to us on here than typical videos shot on large lakes. I believe his speciality is fish physiology, so his videos have a lot of scientific information. Since most pond owners like to catch the fish we raise, it’s definitely a ton of great information.

Here are links to the bass spawning and development documentaries:

Spawning documentary
LMB Development

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