Hey guys!

I'll be posting more pictures of my lake purchase this weekend when I go there again. What I've got now is here:

There is a good spot on this property to build another small pond (~1/4 acre) which I'm going to try to do myself (I'll be renting the equipment anyway to get the property ready for some livestock). And if it all falls apart that's ok I'll just fish the rest of it/fill it back in.
If all goes well this will actually be a "farm" for a fish species TBD (looking to see what the market needs more of around here) to help support my bad habits.

What I'm looking for are plans for a pipe I can use to fill the pond. When the main lake is at high water mark I want to open it to fill the new pond. Just looking for recomendations on piping matierial and the right way to have an open/close valve.

Im going to ask a lot of questions, but only because I'm clueless