This is what Wikipedia has to offer on azteca:
Hyalella azteca is a widespread and abundant species of amphipod crustacean in North America. It reaches 3–8 mm (0.12–0.31 in) long, and is found in a range of fresh and brackish waters. It feeds on algae and diatoms and is a major food of waterfowl.
From experience in breeding.. ..Unlike Grammarus, it reproduces easily at home and tolerates less oxygen in the water. The Hyalella has a different style of swimming... it doesn't swim as much on its side. It is therefore possible to keep hyalella azteca in a glass of a few gallons or in a plastic box. Within a few months, you have several hundred of the thirty breeding individuals. It is not for nothing that they are said to form a major part of the diet of many species of waterfowl. Their reproductive abilities are unbelievable, it's their strategy.

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