We have a concrete water tank fed by a windmill. Last year, there was a small clump of chara on one end. We put about 10 small BG in the tank last June when we stocked some into our pond. We also put gams and some shrimp in at the same time that we caught in other ponds and the creek. The largest gams made it until about November before the BG were big enough to eat them. This spring, the chara exploded in the tank. We pulled a strip of chara out in the middle of the tank and added some rock. Several weeks ago, we added TP to the pond and put two in this tank, hoping for a male and a female.

Pictures are:

Week 1 - Molly the lab watching the BG
Placed TP in the tank

Week 2 - TP have started working on the chara at one end of the tank

Week 4 - TP are working on chara at both ends
BG on a nest on the right side
TP have made a nest on the left side, against the wall

My wife has been catching gams and shrimp in the creek and other ponds and adding them to the tank this spring. They are all small and the BG start attacking them when they hit the water. We were hoping the gams would produce enough to keep the BG fed, but they don't last long. I am not sure if any shrimp have been able to hide in the chara, or if they have all become BG food.

My wife loves aquariums and fish watching. This has been a fun experiment.

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