Here we are...those proverbial 'Dog Days' of summer. Water is hot, fish are in their summer patterns, and people are talking about how hot it is outside.

That's pretty normal this time of year.

What do you expect of your ponds? Good fishing? Healthy water? This time of year, stay alert. Look for signs of water quality degradation. With hot temps, plankton and algae blooms can decrease water visibility rapidly. Pay attention to that. If your visibility drops much below 18", get in touch with your fisheries biologist, or spend some time on this forum. A proactive approach can be the difference between figuring out what to do to improve your water quality and counting your fish doing the backstroke.

If you haven't signed up for Pond Boss VII Conference and Expo, please do so. We'll soon need a head count for food. The hotel still has a block of rooms.

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We've got an all-star lineup of speakers and the Expo is shaping up to be the best ever.

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