Last weekend, about half the forum moderators attended a retreat at LL,2 (Lusk Lodge, 2) near Gordonville, Texas, not far from Lake Texoma. We had a great brainstorming session about Pond Boss magazine, the forum, our new website and the upcoming Pond Boss VII Conference and Expo. Basically, the guys brainstormed, shared some great thoughts and ideas for our future. Then, we did fun stuff. Several guys went next door to our neighbor's shooting range and shot targets with a variety of guns. A Smith and Wesson rep was on hand to assist. Some guys fished in our ponds, catching bass and bluegills. Then, last Saturday, we headed north, to Wildcat Springs Ranch, a game ranch where Bob Lusk Outdoors staff is working to improve their fisheries. Time spent touring the ranch, looking at different animals, looking over the brand new hatchery ponds Mike Otto built and time on the water, mostly in the electrofishing boat. Our moderators are a hand-selected crew of highly intelligent men, passionate about helping people learn about stewardship of land and water. I hope you'll help salute these volunteers who spend time on this forum, assisting others.

Met up with famous lake and pond builder, Mike Otto at Wildcat Springs ranch where he and his crew was finishing a project, building hatchery ponds for the ranch.

Moderator Dave Davidson (left), Fisheries biologist Zach Peterson (at the helm) and moderator Scott Schillig (esshup) aboard the electrofishing boat at Wildcat Springs Ranch.

Netting a few, off the bow of the electrofishing boat.

Weighing and measuring the catch.


You never know what might pop up on some of these ranches.

Allen Hall (Fire is Hot) caught his first Texas smallie in one of our ponds at LL,2.

Teach a man to grow fish...
He can teach to catch fish...