Hi everybody,

Here's my situation: We just bought a new house last fall, right before winter here in Ham Lake, Minnesota. The property has a small, man made pond about 150'x40' and an average depth of maybe 3-4 feet with a deep hole at one end about 6-8 feet deep depending on water levels. The pond is about 15 years old.

There aren't any fish in the pond but we've got turtles and frogs. The bottom of the pond has 6-10 inches of muck, mostly leaves from the many oak and maple trees on the property. I would really like to clean up the bottom and be able to swim in the pond eventually.

I've been reading about using Blue Tilapia to help clean up the pond as opposed to chemicals or mechanically removing the muck. I have just added a homemade aeration system which I've read will help.

Can you guys chime in and let me know if I'm heading down the correct path?

Keegan I'll add some photos of the pond when I can get them off of the phone.