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#38968 03/04/03 10:43 PM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 14,722
Likes: 305
Field Correspondent
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Field Correspondent
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 14,722
Likes: 305
Jan-Feb 2000 . Eds Desk. Tale of two ponds.

1. Cover Story. Feds Probe Cormorants.

2. Cormorant, Q&A.

3. Take The Work Out Of Fertilizing. Clever method of distributing fertilizer.

4. Ask The P.Boss. A. Reader doesn't see fry from bgill beds. B. Request for pond specialist is upper SC. C. Query about shiners & crayfish to diversify forage. D. How well will a GA pond w/ 90% red clay hold water?

5. Pond Check Kit for 6 water tests described from Professional Lk Mgmt, MI.

6. Customers Write. A. Pond Club in IL praises Aquatic Biologists, WI. B. Praise from Blanco TX. C. Praise for B.Lusk & M. McDonald.

7. Article. Man With A Plan. Pondmeister Profile of pond near Cincinnati,OH and his mgmt methods.

8.At Last! Control for Algae. Author from Canada describes natural control methods of algae thru nutrient control.

Mar-Apr 00 . Eds Desk. A View From Inside.

1. Cover Story. Algae Alert. Pros offer tips for the control of algae.

2. Copper Compounds and Algae--The Flip Side. Natural control reviewed & disadvantages of coppersulfate and alternative use chelated copper products. Includes 13 algae prevention tips.

3. Ready To Open A Fish Farm? Advice from Univ FL Dept. Fisheries & Aqu. Sci. Dos and Don'ts

4. Ask The P.Boss. A. Help for measuring size of a pond. B. Should I stock c.catfish if wanting to raise big bgill & a roadkill maggot feeder described. C. New 5-6 ac pond, how soon can stock bgill? D. Best place to hunt RioGrande turkeys? E. Impact of ducks in 1.5-2 ac pond? F. German Guppy?, proper structure, feeding fish, drawdown, removing sm.bass described. G. Exploring a pond liner in Victoria Australia.

5. Customers Write. A. Pros-cons of water dyes described. B. Sonar, aerator, feeding fish worked.

6. Clearing Muddy Water. How one pondowner did it.

7. Double-Duty Ponds. Ponds for fishing and wildlife,methods described.

May-Jun 00 . Eds Desk. Water quality issues ahead.

1. Cover Story. From The Bottom UP. Pond basin impt for base of fishery.

2. LMB virus in the SE.

3. Giant Bulrush. Description & role in pond.

4. Managing Mini-Pond. IN pondowner describes fish harvest from 6 year old pond.

5. Ask The P.Boss. A. Bacterial additions pros&cons by K.Duffie&B.Lusk. B. Control for creeping water primrose. C. Competent pond consultant in GA? D. Create cost effective structure for bass&bgill. E. Growth rates of F1 bass. F. Advice abt hyb.crappie, attracting waterfowl & threadfin shad. G. Are shad and crayfish good to add to forage base?

6. Customers Write. A. AL pond teaches owner lessons. B. Advice for building sm.pond in seasonal creek. C.Survival rates of pellet raised bass.

7. Feds Hold Debate on Cormorants.

8. Building Bottom Cover on a Budget.

9. Anglers, pondowners warned of exotics.

Jul-Aug 00 . Eds Desk. From One Horse to the Web.

1. Cover Story. The Cure For Skinny Fish. Fish harvesting guidelines advice of the pros.

2. Dispelling the Myths. Tips from 'Raising Trophy Bass'.

3. Ask The PBoss. A. Redears control grubs in other fish. B. Structure for 2 ac pond & problems of hay bales. C. Disadvantages of Karmex. D. Cutrine-Plus, fertilization & aeration. E. Getting rid of tadpoles? F. Is my new pond in TN leaking?. G. Info. on drawdowns.

4. Customers Always Write. A. Bouquets from reader. B. Barbs for a cover photo. C. Poisonous snakes found in water hyacinth. D. Chart of sizes of baitfish that bass can swallow.

5. Managing Mini-Pond. How tos of building extra spawning beds for bass, bgill.

6. Removing Unwanted Carp.Good hints.

7. Texas to Chase GA Bass Record. TX trying to grow bigger bass.

Sep-Oct 00 . Eds Desk. Missing in Action.

1. Cover Story. ABC's of Forage (B.Lusk). All types of forage items for the sport fish pond. Dos&don'ts. Plus, Snack Food-Quick-fixes for bass to grow.

2. Short article about coppernose bgill.

3. Ask The P.Boss. A. Tips on fertilizing clear water. B. Killing grass&weeds prior to construction? C. Cutrine-Plus affects water bloom?

4. Customers Always Write. A. Bouquets from MI. B. Suggestion for improving PBoss.
5. Managing Mini-Pond. Aerating Old Ponds Has Its Hazards. Beware of causing a fish kill.

6. New Manmade Product Attractive to Fish. Moderately priced Fish Attractor described.

7. Know Pond Life. Lotus. Description, pond role, control.

Nov-Dec 00 . Eds Desk. Bang For The Buck.

1. Cover Story. Weed The Garden. Customsize fish harvest to fit your pond goals.

2. Harvest, Harvest, Harvest - A Success Story. excerpt from 'Raising Trophy Bass'.

3. Ask The PBoss. A. Add lime to change pH. B. Filamentous algae after fertilizing. C. How to deter blue heron. D. How to handle deeply hooked fish. E. Can siphon help lower water level?. F. Sonar for treating milfoil in IL. G. How much fertilizer to treat a round 3/4ac pond? H. Numbers of sunfish to stock per acre.

4. Customers Always Write. A. Golden shiners can help skinny bass. B. Large raptors deter cormorants. C. Benefits of aeration given.

5. Green Sunfish No Bargin in Pond.

6. Managing Mini-Pond. Harvesting the Bluegill Crop & Successful ways to fish them.

7. POND TO PLATE Receipe for a fish frying batter with crisp, zingy flavor.

aka Pond Doctor & Dr. Perca Read Pond Boss Magazine -
America's Journal of Pond Management
#38969 03/05/03 10:07 AM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 242
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 242
Thank you Bill Cody. I keep all my Pond Boss Magazines in a binder and the index will be a great addition for going back and finding specific articles.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.


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