We had a big party a month ago and a lot of people swimming. This always stirs up the water for a week or so, but it is not settling down. It has a grey tone to it which I am sure is suspended clay. I have read that lime or gypsum powder used to bring the PH into balance eliminates this.

I had 5ft of visibility before and have less than 6" now. How long can the fish survive in that? I can't see any of them. I have not had any floaters but I do have a heron hanging around.

I did have a school of baby bullheads I saw this summer. This is the first summer we have seen them. Could they be big enough to be a problem? Do they stir up the bottom like carp do?

The pond is 2/3 of an acre most of it 10 ft deep, 16ft on one end. The bottom is all clay. I have had it for 3 years and it has never done this before. I have an aerator running 24/7 and a Kasco water circulator rotating the water around the pond.

We did do a lot of shoreline cleanup right before the party and and stirred up a lot of black murky soil, but that was done other years with no problem as well.