posted this before and talked to greg a little about it. been back out there now just to see what has happened since we hit full pool. this is a natural ground-discharge pond that has been around for eons. droughts and urban sprawl around it have changed the water table. installed pump one year ago. aquifer seems to be holding up. pump is off now. pond is "full." it is only 6 feet at the deepest point in the middle and gradually tapers to the banks.

so...80% of the pond is covered with weeds. predominant species are baggy-knee grass and polygonum (smartweed). water lily and water shield are noted, but not as predominant as previously thought. *spot treat the lillies with 2,4D and use Rodeo throughout???? or what? (I am a duck hunter, too. hate to see the smartweed go...but would like the pond to be fishable for the others)

some concern from other owners that the water being pumped in there is void of nutrients and that the pond will need fertilization. *is it feasible to fertilize a 75 acre pond? if so, how?

pond was stocked with BG and LMB in the past. I am trying to get info on that. when the water was dangerously low, but the prospect of the pump was on the horizon, they stocked it. bream are doing well....too well, probably. stocked bass are getting to 2 pounds now. *is it feasible or even necessary to think about feeders?

i will think of me. Greg--hope you get a call from a Dr H in the coming weeks. board meeting this evening to discuss. they want to nuke the pond with every chemical out there and throw in thousands of carp. my suggestion is to take things a bit slower...but i am only one man, one vote.....