After working four hours removing Naid (almost positive it is Naid) physically with the weed cutter and rakes advertised in the Pond Boss magazine I came home and did an iternet search for other ways to contol this nasty stiff. The pefect solution is a Florida Manatee. Seems they love the stuff. Only problem is how to fit that sucker in a 1.5 acre tank.....! Just kidding of course , but they do like the damn stuff. Maybe they could breed miniature one's. By the way the cutter works very well for that grass just a lot of work. Ya have to drag the heavy mass up on shore after each haul and with three feet coverage each haul it is a slow process. Do grass carp eat Naid and if so for how long. Read someone say they are only good for about three years. Have 8 in there now, but maybe they quit eating alrady.