2013 has been the most hectic year yet! Almost every day, early to late, doing what we do...working with landowners, publishing Pond Boss, growing big fish!
Here are few bullet points from Spring and Summer, 2013.
One or two days per week, every week, I was on site in east Texas, helping a landowner design the most creative recreational fishing lake I've ever been involved. Plans are to chronicle it in Pond Boss next year, with photos, thought processes and how we did it. At one point, there were 14 pieces of heavy equipment at work. Even though most people can't swing that, most people can certainly benefit from the process, from planning to finish.
There's a privately funded research program underway, too. Radio tags have been surgically implanted into largemouth bass in a 125 acre lake and their movements are being tracked regularly. In that same lake, we're also studying the genetics, introgression, retrogression and impact of changing the genetics of fish. At the same time, there's an 18 month study on feeding habits of different sized fish. This research, I expect, will influence the way people look fisheries management from here on.
Back in January or February, Matt Rayl asked me, "What IS Pond Boss?"
I thought about it for a little bit. Up until a few years ago, my answer would have been, "Pond Boss is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to managing private waters and helping people be better stewards of their land and water."
Not today. Pond Boss is a group of people with common interests, a "family" of sorts, who exchange ideas and thoughts. They have meetings at their ponds, they talk to each other and break bread. While the magazine fuels the economy of Pond Boss, the people ARE Pond Boss. Thus, the need for "Pond Boss Connect". We are working to continue to develop Pond Boss Connect and will keep everyone apprised as it comes together.

Teach a man to grow fish...
He can teach to catch fish...