Hello everyone I live in Dry Prong Louisiana which is about 30 miles North of Alexandria, the center of the state.
I am looking for a proper pond contractor available for my area and not just an equipment operator.
I want to build a small pond, approximately an acre and a half. I have a nice "draw" on my property that has both water seeping out of the side of the hill plus a decent watershed. I want to widen the draw and use the dirt to put a dam at the bottom. Nothing complicated, but I need a contractor that knows how to take a clay soil strip and use it to line the bottom and build the dam. There are a lot of equipment operators around but none with pond building experience that I have met. If you know anyone that is relatively close to Dry Prong or would be willing to come here to discuss the possibility of building a pond for me that has some actual experience I would sincerely appreciate it if you could let me know.