My church's pond is approximately 1.8 acres and has is 8' at the deepedt part. We have a SERIOUS problem with filimentous algae AND planctonic algae AND alligator weed. So serious that the filimentous algae is covering 90% of the surface. Whatever is not covered by the algae is covered by alligator weed and water primose. The only water that is visible has a murky appearance with a turbidity of about 8 inches. I was advised to spray cutrine (only 1/3 of surface at a time), and used Aquastar/Timberland 90 to treat the alligator/water primose (again - only a small portion). This pond is in south La. The temperatures here now are in the 90's, with rainfall/thunderstorms on a near-daily basis (which is why it's taken so long to treat). Believe it or not -- this pond actually holds fish and I don't want to kill everything by suffocation. Please help with any advise -- This is a yearly occurrence (all weeds listed), but this year is extremely bad. I have no experience with fertilization of ponds or aeriation systems, but neither does anyone else in my church group. I just found this forum and will keep reading it daily for continuing education -- Thanks for any advice!

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