This will be my first year to treat our seven trout ponds for algae and eurasian water milfoil. Various methods have been tried by other managers over the years with little to no success. The best success for the algae has been acheived by a couple private lake owners along our stream with cutrine. No one has had success with the milfoil. Our conditions are much different than found in southern lakes in that our water is clear and cold. It rarely gets above 70 degrees and mostly is in the high fiftys to low sixties in the mid summer heat. We don't have the typical alga bloom but just get thick slimy filamentous algae on the bottom and maybe to the surface in shallow areas. It gets bad enough to make bait and spinner fishing very difficult. About the only type of fishing possible is with dry flies. The association members want good fishing throughout the summer thus want the algae and weeds to be kept under control.

My plan is to apply Cutrine Plus liquid by boat mounted sprayer in all areas up to 4 feet in depth within the next few weeks. Then later in the year when the milfoil is nearing the surface of deeper water I will apply a 50/50 mixture of Reward and Cutrine to the whole lake if the algae is getting thick in the shallows again or if not I will apply the mixture to all water over 4 feet deep and hit the shallows later. I am concerned about reducing the vegetation too much in this second step and will consider treating the ponds a bit at a time.

I am open for comments and suggestions.