Quite often, we'll see a new member (or existing members) selling their wares or services.
We only allow that of our approved advertisers. We are careful to make sure our advertisers are quality and meet our expectations.
If you have a product or service you'd like to promote on the forum, please send an email to info@pondboss.com and get permission before you promote or add information to your signature line or add a link to your website.
We'll protect our paying advertisers and people we know.
For our approved advertisers, you guys already know how to play.

If someone breaks this rule the moderators will delete all links and references to your business.

In addition, some members solicit business via PM's (private message). These are not authorized, either. If you receive a PM from someone trying to solicit you, please do your due diligence. First, make sure they are on the Pond Boss "approved" list. That's this link, the Pond Boss resource guide. http://www.pondboss.com/resource_guide.asp
We vet all those people in the Resource Guide and have a high level of confidence of their capabilities. Also, banner ads at the top of the forum page have met with our approval.

If you are solicited by ANYONE who isn't on that list, please send us an email at info@pondboss.com and let us know. We want to police this site and make sure reputable people are soliciting.