I may be draining my small trout pond this fall(88 by 59 feet by 9 feet deep) that has very steep banks. I'd like to do this as I will be putting in another pond for trout and using this one next spring for feed trained female yellow perch. I was thinking this would be a good way to freeze out the increasing weed growth that have occured from all the nutrients that have built up from feeding, and to dry out and aerate any sludge in the bottom. I suppose I could get a septic service to pump out the sludge if it is significant.

The soil is heavy in clay, so should I be concerned about any caving in of the sides (forget what the term is) of the pond once the water is removed? What kind of soils are most resistant to caving in?

Or once I harvest my trout should I treat with a herbicide and continue to aerate without draining? How well do herbicides work in cold water? I have chara and potomogeton pussilus in the pond right now.

I do have a small holding pit adjacent to this pond that is only 25 by 30 feet and is 7 feet deep, and I have drained this one on numerous occasions with no problems.

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