I am questioning and looking for response concerning possible/potential/probable damage by inappropriately utilizing pond fertilization.

We all understand the Sechi Disk test. If you can't see the disk below about 18 ", you don't need to fertilize.

However, if we fertilize anyway to increase the carrying capacity of the water body; are we not artificially increasing the biomass above the ponds natural carrying capacity? Do we not usually force Mama Nature to later re-balance the scales, usually at the expense of our larger, preferred fish, when the seemingly inevitable DO crashes occur caused by weather changes?

Someone (may have been Bill Cody) on this or the previous web site once said, "If you can't continue a fertilization management program, don't start". Mr. Lusk, in the latest issue of Pond Boss Magazine discusses an annual pond maintenance plan and says"It is best to underfertilize a lot than overfertilize a little". Excellent, eye-opening article. By the way, anyone who isn't a PB mag subscriber is losing money in an expensive game.

I guess my question involves risk/reward ratios concerning artificial chemical enhancements.

Thoughts and/or responses?