I have found that there is more than BG & LMB in our pond. See 19 May post. I have FH Catfish, Bowfin, & Hog nose turtles. I decided to remove all the FH catfish, while trying to fish them out I discovered the Bowfin, and the turtles are getting in my way.
The score so far: 15lbs of FH catfish gone, 12lbs of bowfin, 150lbs of HN Turtle, & about 50lbs of hardshell turtle. I am making some headway with the Hog nose. I am only catching the little ones now those 20lbs and less.
What do you think will happen to the BG & LMB populations now??

I have VERY FEW small LMB. It is hard to find a fingerling from this year. I have lost, I am sure all the young fish I put in to help the ponds genetic pool. There is an adequate BG population of all sizes.

I am looking for a well diversified pond. No goals for trophy Bass. I want the FH catfish and bowfin gone!!
Does anyone have further management suggestions? suggestions??

Thank You for your help,