Some info I thought some of you might be interested in looking at. The article at site below has an overview of all states advice on stocking ponds.

This is the article's title below.

A re-evaluation of U.S. state fish-stocking
recommendations for small, private,
warmwater impoundments

This is the info I found about BG. The concepts seem to relate well with BC's, CB1's and BC's project.

Other bluegill research
has shown that the presence of large, mature males
delays sexual maturity in juveniles via chemical interactions
(Aday et al. 2002, 2003). Delayed maturity
allows juveniles to put more energy towards growth,
and could possibly alleviate stunting problems in
ponds. It remains to be seen whether management
options, such as chemical treatments or stocking
adults, evolve from such research to control or inhibit
stunted bluegill populations.