I also posted this in the Corrective Stocking Section, not sure where it is supposed to be.

I just bought a piece of property with a one acre pond on it. It was stocked about 7-8 years ago with crappie, channel cats, hybrid bream and bluenose bream. About 3 years ago the pond turned over and killed all the large catfish in the pond.

We have been fishing the pond for about a month, twice a week and have caught a huge number of fish. However, only 3-4 of the bream have been 4-5 inches long. None of the catfish have been over 8 inches long. We have only caught 1 crappie.

My question is this: Would it be possible to stock some hybrid striped bass and let them "clean" the trash fish out of the pond? I could also supplement by feeding. I don't expect overnight results.

I know I can use Rotedone to kill everything and start over, but I hate to kill that many fish. Plus, I have a ton of good catfish in there, if the will just grow.

Any other suggestions you guys had would be great.