My pond is about six weeks old, was dug in sandy clay, contains approx 350 fingerlings, tilapia, tinfoil barbs and pacu and is about 7' deep at the deepest point. The tinfoil barbs and the pacu are herbivores, the tilapia are eating almost anything.
The water source is ground water, there are ten or twelve water lilies and a few local weeds. I am using a local, but widely used food and am careful to not over feed. The water is an aqua color with about a foot of visibility. About a week and a half ago I noticed a dull green sheen covering maybe 20 square feet, that has since increased to approx. 200. During that same week and a half about 200 tadpoles hatched.
Based on the above can anyone tell me: the cause, is it bad good or of no concern and if bad what can I do about it.
There is no aeration, weather hot, dry about 97 everyday, 1 day of rain about 4 days ago.

1/4 & 3/4 acre ponds. A thousand miles from no where and there is no place I want to be...
Dwight Yoakam