I have a back yard koi pond with a 3 foot waterfall. A liner pond with a vortex filtration system and a UV light.
My pond size is approx. 5000 gal, irregular/free formed shaped, roughly 15' x 27', and just under 4 feet in the deepest end. I have 6 koi approx. 2 feet each in length and a bunch of babies.
I live on Long Island, NY. This will be my first winter with my large Koi.
My concern is power failures in late summer/fall, therefore a lack of O2, and to provide a safe and healthy winter.
Are good quality aerators on the market? With either a battery back up, solar, or both? I'm in a residential area so a windmill may not be practical or aesthetic. Would a generator be helpful?
What recommendations do you have for my needs.
Thank You,