I have a 20 acre lake (old catfish pond) in the black belt (pery ct) of Alabama. It was stocked by the state 10,000 brim and later 1,000 bass (nonfertile rate). I am in my 4th year. We catch 3 sizes of bass (1/2-1) (1 1/2-2) (3-4 1/2)
The bass looked good till last year when they began to thin out. I have not caught any large brim and we found thousand of 2 inch brim which we kill back with chemical tx around the edge to encourage the spawn that we did not get last year. We also added 2,000 fingerling bass. This year we got a brown spawn and a minimal bass spawn, both the bass are still thin and the brim are big eyed and thin too. The state wants to feed the brim and shock the lake in september. Also the first year I got green sunfish and gizzard shad in the lake ( don't know where) The state says the lake's color and water ground is fine. Can anyone give me advice, continue feed or start over or other suggestions. Thanx, George