I put in what were allegedly all female perch (8 to 12 inches) two springs ago. Apparently not. I caught a 4 to 5 inch perch off the bottom in the deepest water of the pond a few days ago! Not too concerned as this pond has a very high density of predators but really didn't want any perch reproduction!

Additionally I was doing some experiementing with feed trained crappie in a floating cage last year. Out of 300 crappies I ended up with a couple dozen survivors. I ended up fliping the cage, and again I'm not concerned due to the number of bass in the pond (bass production pond add about 100 feed trained bass per year and will add 300 this fall)

This spring I saw three crappie about 4 inches beach themselves fleeing chasing bass. I threw them back and watched 2 of them inhaled immediately.

Yesterday I was fishing for bluegills and after landing a 15 oz. bluegill I caught and released an 8 inch crappie that was very plump and round in shape. I was surprised not only that one had made it, but at the fast growth of this fish. Appears to be 4 inches since May. Pretty fast growth?

If pigs could fly bacon would be harder to come by and there would be a lot of damaged trees.