in my 2 acre pond, i've been culling and i'm up to 20lbs as of right now.. (we just bought the property) and i know its 20-25lbs per acre. and we've culled about 30 fish so far.. all the fish caught have ranged from 10-15".. we've caught the occasional 2.0lbr, but thats about only looks like were catching this range.. were going to stock forage fish here shortly,(bgills/redear).. but where are the bigger fish?.. seems like this is all we have in there..(10-15" range..) could this be?.. if i continue to cull this range will i wipe out all my fish?.. should i change my slot limit?.. i'm kinda stumped.. i feel like i'm on the right path with culling, and i've read several post about it here.. still kinda unsure... any help would be appriciated..

thanks guys!!!


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2.3 acre, 1.5 acre, 1 acre , .5acre (bgill only)