First a tip on making the forum easier to use You can mark any thread by putting it on your "watch list". Then just make this your permanent thread to add all your progressive new information.

If you do not have it on your watch list and it goes for a week or two without adding anything it becomes buried and very hard to "find" your old thread to add new things.

Under "my stuff" you can also find your old posts, but if you become very active on other threads this list can get long also. The watch list is the easiest for me to keep track of threads I am interested in, both my own threads and those of others.

The following is from Pond Boss co-owner and magazine Editor - Bob Lusk:
Welcome to the Pond Boss Forum. This is the place for sharing information about the enjoyment of private ponds in a fun, family like atmosphere.

ALL posts and discussions should be done as if you were talking to family or friends. Any post that appears to the management to be not in keeping with its standards will be be deleted and the maker banned from the Forum (see postscript below). This includes any post that could be seen as MEAN SPIRITED or OFFENSIVE and/or directed toward any individual(s) or any post with dirty words, or containing comments of a SEXUAL, RELIGIOUS, RACIAL or POLITICAL nature or not deemed to be in "good taste". The use of any personal contact information such as E-mail address(s) or use of Private Messages must follow the same standards.

Moderators Postscript:
Words capitalized or printed in bold are considered important words in the above rules for emphasis. If a member has a personal comment or stong opinion for another member, the moderators suggest that you use the Personal Messsage option and send it to a moderator or Bob , not the person you have a problem with. To do this just click on a moderator's name or identifier for one of his/her posts and choose Send A PM. PM's are subject to the same rules so do not have an angry tirade laced with curse words , threats etc. You can also use the report inapproiate content message "Notify" at the bottom of a post. If you disagree with what someone has posted, use a little common sense and a polite way to disagree. If the moderators or the owners have a problem with what you have posted, usually you will first get a warning that you have not complied with the rules of this Pond Boss Forum. Thereafter stronger methods can be applied. Worst case situation you can be banned from using this Forum and have legal action taken against you. The moderators will delete any material they deem as inconsistant with the rules. Keep in mind there are a lot of lurkers and unknowing pond owners who come here for help - we will not allow advice to be given them that would indanger their pond. That type advice must contain appropriate warnings and full disclosure. WE consider ourselves a family atmosphere here where everyone can share information that PRIMARILY relates to our water features - no matter what size. We strive to keep it courteous and informative.

Thanks for following our Forum Rules. The moderators hope you can use this website to learn a lot about ways for managing your pond or lake.

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