Now in my third year of 75 stocked Florida Bass in a 4 1/2 acre pond, I have yet to catch or even had a hit from my stocked bass. I have followed my consultant by the book with the usual fathead minnows, shinners, coppernose etc. Last fertlizing was two years ago, started feeding the 5D09 pellets last year. No problem catching bluegill up to 8" every cast but I can't buy a bass. By the book it I should be taking out those small bass. Hard to take out when they don't bite.
Do I need to move to F-1 bass or just plain blacks? My fishing hole is weekend thing and holidays. My consultant told me that the Florida's would make a better fisherman out of me. After 4 years I don't want to have to work to catch these high dollar fish, I want to have fun. Any help out there, and I was wondering if I stop to get few pounds of fathead minnows form B. Lusk, would they survive a three hour trip to my newest pond.