Growth potential is the name of and focus of an article in North American Fisherman May/June 2006 by Hal Schramm PhD. It is based on a study titled as follows in the AFS - North American Journal of Fisheries Management :

Relationship between Lake-Record Weights of Fishes and Reservoir Area and Growing Season


Abstract.ŚWe used information from an angler recognition program to assess the relationship between lake-record weights of freshwater fishes captured by Texas anglers and two predictors of fish production and growth: reservoir surface area and growing-season length. The lake-record weights of two species, largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides and flathead catfish
Pylodictis olivaris, were directly related to the logarithm of surface area. The record weights of all species studied were unrelated to growing-season length. Regardless of
the statistical significance of individual correlations, there was a significant excess of positive correlations across all species between lake-record weights of fish and log surface area. This indicates the presence of a
general relationship between the record weights of fish and reservoir area. Our results suggest that record weights of fish may be constrained by reservoir surface area.

This study interestingly as pointed out by Dr. Schramm provides that at most only 25% of the variation in fish size was due to lake size. That means that 75% or more is due to "habitat and harvest". He notes that growing big fish ,requires fast growth and high survival which are dependant on good habitat, a good food supply and correct harvest. This is also evident from other studies I have read and which are also cited in the study.

Thought you might enjoy a little proof of the correctness of what many here have been posting on water quality , food supply and proper harvest and mgt. \:\)