I am trying to bring back a dead pond. It used to be a great bass pond that was managed by my dad and grandad but its been neglected for years and dad and grandad have passed.

The pond is currently just under 1/3 acres with the water that is currently in it. I have a few minows and 4 koi, but thats it. I am digging out the sides of the pond and intend to have about 1/2 acre when finished with depths ranging from 12 feet to just inches.

Can I begin adding my forage fish now? There is plenty of water and the well is working to raise the level each time I finsh the next "step".

There is almost no plant life and the pond is very muddy after having the muck dug out last year. Can I put in some plants now since nature isn't providing any, and just flood them when I move the water up. There will be a few bald cypress trees going in because my wife and I love the look.

I'd like to get minows, grass shrimp,shinners, crayfish and BG going now and be ready to add the bass when I finish my digging. I figure I'll be digging for a year as most will be done by hand shovel. Although I have read that crappie (specks as we call them) are possibly a bad Idea, I'll be adding a few of those also. ( yummy for my tummy )

There will not be any catfish in my pond if I can help it... and I don't plan on feeding my fish.

I have not done a water test, but is it safe to assume lime will be needed since the soil/sand around here needs lots of it to grow anything other than bahia grass and weeds. The lime should help improve the muddy water some also right?

Finally, is there a good fish farm in my area that you have had good dealings with? any farm with a website that actually list prices would be great even if its not in my area ( South FL )