I found a local man who raises and sells fish to buy my fatheads from. I put 9 lbs in the pond today and they are very active, swimming everywhere and pecking off the surface. The guy said he feeds them floating food and lets them peck at it, I am going to have to get some feed I reckon to make sure things are moving along. These were mixed sizes and the man told me some would be spawning in ten days or so, we will see. This guy spoke highly of Mellick brand feed, said it was formulated well for growth of game fish, just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions on what they would eat heartily on and how much I should feed, since they obviously can't eat a large amount of big pellets all at once. Suggestions?

FYI this is the place I got my minners from, he sells YP, HBG, LMB, HSB, Koi, and fatheads that I know of.

Raup Fisheries
21504 N Norrisville Road
Conneautville, PA 16406
Vaughn L. Raup, Owner